Ambient Lighting To Help New Ford Focus Shine

by Ford in the News on January 21, 2011

2012 Ford Focus interior image

Used Cars Salisbury said the use of LED illumination for ambient lighting is a hot new trend in the auto industry, allowing drivers to personalize their vehicle interiors in a wide range of cool colors. And while this technology will certainly help give the all-new 2012 Focus one of the most stylish interiors in its class, there’s more to Ford’s system than meets the eye, said Olathe Ford Dealers. Focus drivers will still be able to switch between seven interior accent colors for lighting the instrument panel, cupholders and footwells, but they’ll benefit from increased functionality that will make their lives easier, too:

Search Light: Lose a small item in most cars’ footwell areas or door storage pockets and it can be a big hassle trying to find it again, especially in the dark. But in the Focus, the driver can just use a simple switch located on the car’s instrument panel to shift all ambient lighting points to a bright white light, making it easier to find anything that’s been misplaced.

Door Ajar: If a parked driver ever has to open a car door into a traffic lane, vehicles and pedestrians alike may not notice, creating a potential hazard for all involved. But with the Focus, opening the driver’s door shifts its ambient lighting to a noticeable red shade as a warning. The system also works to notify the driver if a door is improperly latched or open.

Welcome and Departure Lighting: Getting in or out of the Focus is enhanced with a special two-stage lighting process, with first the instrument panel then the dome light illuminating in separate stages.

Play Protection: The ambient lighting system in the Focus can be set to prevent children in the vehicle from operating the dome light, while also ensuring the overall system itself isn’t accidentally left on—two situations that could lead to a drained battery.

“When LED illumination combines with ambient lighting technology inside a car, it enables clever features that make life easier for the driver,” said Christopher Eardley, Ford interior lighting engineer. “Ambient lighting can change interior accent color, but it can also add functionality that keeps a driver smiling. Interior ambient lighting has transcended ‘looking cool’ and is poised to deliver additional customer value in the all-new Focus.”

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