Ford F-250: The “F” Stands For “Fast”

by Ford in the News on September 22, 2011

Hajek Motorsports Ford F-250 image

The Houston Ford Dealer says the best-in-class 400 hp and 800 lb.-ft. of torque on tap in Ford’s 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbodiesel is regularly recognized for its impressive hauling capabilities, but usually that’s as regards trailers—not top speeds. Yet Brent Hajek and Hajek Motorsports recently proved the engine is more than up to the challenge of the latter, especially when it’s firmly ensconced in a 2011 Ford F-250. That’s because Hajek just piloted said combination to two new land speed records in the B Production Diesel Truck class during “Speed Week” at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The top-speed bottom line: Running on traditional diesel fuel, Hajek and the F-250 hit 171.123 mph for one record, then used B20 biodiesel to up the ante to 182 mph for another new benchmark.

And significantly, although Hajek’s truck was running in a class that’s usually home to race vehicles with extensive aftermarket modifications, according to Dayton Ford Dealers, the F-250 was essentially stock. Changes were limited to things like the addition of safety equipment, modifications for increased fuel flow, and use of a higher compression ratio.

“The F-250 is an excellent truck with amazing capabilities,” said Hajek. “I’m amazed at how, with very few changes from stock, we were able to accomplish this.”

Certainly helping matters is the strong foundation of the production engine, which features:

  • The first use of inboard exhaust architecture on a modern automotive diesel
  • A compacted graphite iron engine block
  • Aluminum cylinder heads
  • A single-sequential turbocharger with a double-sided compressor wheel mounted on a single shaft uniquely center-mounted on the engine block
  • The new Bosch 29,000-psi common-rail high-pressure fuel-injection system
  • Standard biodiesel compatibility up to B20

With all this and best-in-class fuel-efficiency, consider it yet another Power Stroke of genius from Ford at Dealer Greensboro Ford.

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