Ford SYNC 911 Assist: Subscription-Free Peace Of Mind

by Ford in the News on April 11, 2011

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In November of 2010, Paul Bedewi was driving his Ford F-150 Platinum through a busy intersection near Washington, D.C., when another driver ran a red light, striking Bedewi’s truck head on at a speed of 50 mph. At first disoriented by the impact, it took crucial minutes for Bedewi to even think about calling for help—luckily, however, he didn’t have to. His F-150, boasting Ford’s SYNC system with standard 911 Assist, had done it for him.

Fishers Ford explained the 911 Assist feature is an integral part of SYNC, offering the benefits of automatic technology without the drawbacks found in competitive systems. For example, because 911 Assist is not a subscription-based service, drivers don’t have to worry about renewals or paying monthly fees. Further, instead of relying on a third-party advisor, who then contacts first-responders, the Ford system connects drivers directly to a 911 operator.

“By cutting out the middleman, Ford SYNC 911 Assist users don’t have to worry about wasted time that could mean the difference between life and death,” said David Hatton, global product leader/electrical engineer with Ford Connected Services. “Instead, they can drive knowing that they have a system available without having to worry about the status of some kind of emergency service subscription that expires.”

SYNC 911 Assist was first introduced in 2009 and remains the industry’s only vehicle-based, no-cost, non-subscription call-for-help system. It’s currently available on all SYNC-equipped 2011 vehicles, including Ford Explorer, Taurus, Focus, Flex, Fusion, Escape and F-150, as well as Lincoln MKS, MKZ and MKT.

“Since SYNC 911 Assist was launched, we have heard many remarkable stories about how the technology has made a difference for people in their time of need,” added Hatton. “It is very rewarding to work on a product that can provide assistance for millions when needed.”

See the SYNC 911 Assist on a 2012 Ford Edge in Cincinnati, or at your local Ford dealer.

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